Fast Global Solutions

FAST global solutions branding


Introducing a local brand globally



When FastAg merged with WASP, they increased their reach to a global audience. In doing so, needed help restructuring their company of brands.



To develop a cohesive visual branding for both companies as one, while maintaining a unique set of visuals within each industry.



We created an overarching parent brand, Fast Global Solutions. By designing a brand new identity that honored both companies, we were able to help distinguish each in their respective space while telling a strong story about improving efficiency in both ground support and agriculture.

(FastAg, Agricultural Sprayers)

(FastAg, Agricultural Sprayers)

(WASP, Ground Support Equipment)

(WASP, Ground Support Equipment)



We gave both design directions the same cohesive elements to help their customers identify them as the same company. To identify them uniquely, we focused on visuals that highlighted people, their aspirations, and moving their industries forward. Our messaging and visuals were focused on the central idea of ‘accelerate’ as a means of achieving results.

We designed infographics to simplify complex studies from PURDUE and BECK to assist the sales and marketing teams with delivering the benefits of precision Ag.


Animation by Tousue Vang

(reusable infographics for storyboards and sales presentations)

(reusable infographics for storyboards and sales presentations)


Creative Director: Gene Billadeau
Design Director:
Tousue Vang
Copywriter: Gene Billadeau
Designers: Tousue Vang, Steve Barry
Animator: Tousue Vang
Web/Mobile Developer: Matthew Yonan
FAST, Corporate Sales and Marketing Officer: Todd Leidall