Minnesota Neonatal

minnesota neonatal redesign


Aligning a top-tier Minnesota hospital with their aspirations



Minnesota Neonatal provides the top-care for prenatal babies in the country. Our job was to help align their visuals with their outstanding work and reputation to which people already knew from them.



To establish MN Neonatal as the top-tier of neonatal care in Minnesota while increasing its profile in the hospital space.



We designed an extensive branding library for the marketing team to use on multiple formats such as print, email marketing, web, and in-hospital signage.


It started as a visual rebranding, but we quickly learned it was an issue with user experience as well.

- Processes in the office were slowing down care 
due to a high number of calls to the front desk asking questions about information not online

- Families were uncertain about the hospital experience

Visitors felt their practice seemed ‘childlike’ ‘not professional’



We focused our efforts on creating a smooth online experience for families with easy to navigate pages paired with relevant user journeys.

Rebranded to align with their vision

- Created an extensive Conditions & Treatments library, 
to lower call volume about treatment information

- Developed a new Journey path of hospital experience, 
for families to understand what to expect in their care

(conditions library and infographic)

(conditions library and infographic)

(team pages and treatment library)

(team pages and treatment library)

(atomic design system for over 200 conditions and treatments)

(atomic design system for over 200 conditions and treatments)



During our research we learned the most important aspect to this rebrand would be to create an easy-to-navigate, clear, family-centric journey to ease uncertainty of arriving, staying, and leaving the hospital. Because of this, we focused our efforts to create the best experience for patient families to help them during this hard time.

(new user journey)

(new user journey)


- Rebrand and web campaign brought 30% increase in site traffic

- Hospital reported less calls regarding treatments and conditions information

Patients reported feeling more at ease knowing what to expect from their neonatal experience


Creative Director: Todd Dexter
Lead Designer: Tousue Vang
Copywriter: Michele Kamenar
Front-end Developer: Andrew Norell
Back-end Developer: Adam Lutz
MN-Neonatal Team Lead: Jane Barthell, MD