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optum technology


Establishing a growing team as distinct innovation players



As the Optum Innovation team began delivering staple products to our customers, we needed to find a unique way to showcase ourselves and our work as a recognizable team in our company.



Adhere to the existing corporate branding of Optum while finding a new way to introduce elements and bring our department to life.



While respecting the existing brand, we enhanced the visuals of our department by creating a look and feel which focused on the rich projects and people behind the tech. We brought this to life utilizing the shapes within patterns and the logo while centering in on powerful photographs of real people.


Existing Optum Corporate Branding Guides


Our New Optum Innovation Branding



We spoke a lot about our tech and results, but we wanted the design to focus on the people behind those results. We intentionally cropped photographs close to help convey the humanity in the people who put in the hard work and deliver ideas. In doing so, we created a powerful and unique visual direction for all pieces of communications for our department.


Creative Director: Steve Heimerman
Design Director:
Tousue Vang
Copywriters: Doug Frattalone, Lisa Black
Lead Designer: Tousue Vang
Optum, IRD Director: Michael Ramos