Stafford Menswear

stafford menswear rebrand


Breathing new life into a time-tested menswear brand



When JCPenney restructured their private-labels, they had big plans to drive new business and update their stores. Our goal was to revitalize their long-standing menswear brand, Stafford, to resonate with the next-generation of men.



Within a cohesive brand look and feel, develop a robust design identity to drive campaigns, print and digital, packaging, and social media direction.



We worked with the JCPenney creative team on a large roll-out of the new design identity which included; a new logo paired with an extensive look and feel for campaign work, followed by all-new packaging and SKU designs. With our help, we refreshed their menswear image for a new generation of well-dressed men.

(packaging box)

(packaging box)



We were inspired by their original logo from the 70’s. We modernized the emblem and retained the strong illustration of the unicorn, a mystical creature truly as unique as their brand. With updated typography and colors, we gave Stafford a fresh updated look for their classic apparel tailored for today’s men.


With the new redesign, we attracted new customers and retained loyal ones. Stafford developed into JCPenney’s strongest men’s clothing brand.


Creative Director: Bill Thorburn
Lead Designer: Tousue Vang
Designer: David Shrimpf
Copywriter: Bill Thorburn
Project Manager: Kara Brower